About Us


Temax, thrives as a competitive and innovative company that embraces latest technology and is committed towards environmental sustainability.
To constantly contribute products and services that help to deliver a genuine commitment towards service excellence for our customers.
By breaking into new markets across the globe, expanding the network of sales with an international portfolio clientele.


We will provide effective solutions by maintaining high service standards, reliable workmanship and continue to remain your partner of choice.

Safety & Quality

At Temax, we are strictly committed to comply with all health and safety regulations, constantly educating and adopting best practices. We aim to achieve, the highest standards of health and safety requirements to be upheld across every department. We will endeavour to maintain a healthy environment and to prevent any damage or loss to property, plant and equipment. Our aim is to achieve an incident and injury free workplace.

We also regularly review our processes, procedures and equipment’s. Our valuable experience in the industry has enabled us to build heat exchangers where quality and reliability being our priority. Every effort will be made to set standards that are the highest achievable, consistent with efficiency and technical excellence.