Temax Portable Pneumatic Tube Cleaner

21th March 2018 (Time: )

Temax Pneumatic Tube Cleaner

The Portable Pneumatic Tube Cleaner uses Hollow Shafting of different diameters as per the Tube ID to be cleaned.
It can be coupled together to form lengths as per the length of the tube.

Water flows through the hollow tube and washes out deposits that are dislodged by the cleaning tools attached to the driven shafts.

Typical cleaning tools used are, Nylon and Brass Brush for light deposits and carbide drills for severely clogged tubes.
The water flow is independently controlled allowing the user to determine how much water is needed in the application.

The Portable Pneumatic Tube Cleaner Machine comes with all accessories as per required Tube ID and Length.

Features & Benefits:
– Powerful Portable Tube Cleaner for regular cleaning of tubes to be clear of chokes and impurities
– Clearing of Partially or Totally choked tubes
– Water flows through the shaft, softens the scale and flushes out from the tube
– Hollow Drive Shaft & Hollow Driven Shaft can be coupled together with the shaft coupling
to form the required length of the tubes to be cleaned.
– High quality construction
– Easy to assemble and operate
– Cost effective
– Works on multiple sizes of Heat Exchanger Tubes
– Reduce maintenance cost and time from Partial / Complete retubing